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koukos rodos

Koukos Rhodian Guesthouse

Smells like Greece

Koukos Rhodian Guesthouse is a meeting place for history and taste; for tradition and hospitality. Here, in the center of Rhodes and the pedestrian road of ​​Mandilara, you will find one of the most beloved spots of the city; a spot created to awaken old memories while creating new ones through its traditional atmosphere and warm hospitality. Reflecting all aspects of Greek and Dodecanese gastronomy and beauty, in Koukos you will taste and truly feel wonderful; in spaces designed with taste and flavors created with love.

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Tastes from the old times

In the traditional courtyard, the indoors and the verandas of Koukos a welcoming environment, ideal for eating and drinking at all times of the day is waiting for you.

Baking the tastes of Rhodes

The two traditional wood ovens of Koukos bake pizzas, tarts and fresh bread all through the day for delicious breakfasts and irresistible snacks for every hour.

Authentic Experience

In Koukos, you will enjoy your coffee as well as wines from an impressive wine list and great cocktails 24 hours a day.